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Thursday, November 27, 2003
Death Wish
Author: Lee
Here are two more people who would be dead if the Michael Moores of the world have their way.
A man in north St. Louis County was home watching "Death Wish," a movie about a vigilante who hunts down criminals, when he saw his wife held hostage by a robber holding shears at her neck.

Allowed to get his wallet, the homeowner retrieved his pistol instead and shot the intruder to death, county police said Wednesday after sorting out details of the previous evening's incident.

An intruder, 26, broke into the home through a basement window and tore down a curtain to tie over his face as a mask. The woman encountered him in the basement and he forced her up the stairs to confront her husband.

Police said the husband, 73, was watching the movie on TV when the stranger approached, demanding money and holding 4-inch shears to the throat of the woman, also 73.

The homeowner told the intruder he had to get his wallet from the bedroom, but he got a handgun instead. When he emerged, she pulled away and he opened fire.

The robber grabbed the wife again and pulled her through the front door with him, but then let her go and ran. He collapsed across the street, where he was pronounced dead.

The woman was treated for minor injuries at a hospital and released.

So much BS in the media nowadays, you need to see some real footage of some real people, not actors. And there comes fake taxi to the rescue. The exclusive adventures of London cabbies!

These females run casting business that is totally fake, but you know what? Guys don't really care!

If you don't like scamming in the TV, you need to take a look at the real life and the things like massage parlors with sexy girls. You will love it.

The general public often assumes that ads for "massage" mean something other than therapeutic treatment, something straight out of the average red light district. Professional nurumassage therapists roll their eyes at the idea that what they do bears any resemblance to what goes on in the back rooms of so-called massage parlors. With more than 1,300 massage therapy training programs in the United States alone, North America takes massage credentials seriously.

Along with five provinces in Canada, 43 U.S. states and the District of Columbia provide licenses, certificates, or registrations to properly trained professionals in the field. Towns and counties can require certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Although this credential comes from a national accrediting body, it doesn't confer rights to offer services in every state.

Local regulations can require you to submit your fingerprints to a registry, and can stop you from working with clients of the opposite sex or providing house calls. The same regulations also can require you to provide a doctor's certification that proves you're free from STDs.

Having to call a tow truck when you have a dog with you is one of the worst things that can happen, especially if the tow truck driver is afraid of dogs. The driver wouldn't let us bring the dog with us in the front of the truck, and we couldn't just leave him in the back seat of the truck. As such, we ended up having to wait where the truck used to be until someone could give us a ride home with our dog. I still think the driver was just messing with us and drove away laughing.

There's something very meta about an actor who is struggling with countless auditions playing a character who is struggling with countless auditions of fake casting agent. The other day, I had the opportunity to do just that. I injected the character's frustrations with the endless competition with so much frustration and rage that I was sure I would get the part. I didn't count on the fact that everyone else at the audition felt the exact same way and gave similar performances. Someone who was older and more sincere got the part.

In 2014, Lean Jack was facing ten years in prison for reading his wife’s emails. The man wanted to determine if his wife was cheating on him or not. Unbeknownst to the man, it’s illegal to read someone’s email without their consent; this is due to the prevalence of identity theft. This was funny, despite the man’s reasons for reading his wife’s emails; he was prosecuted by cops of fake as if he was a hacker. The charges were later dropped in 2015 January when it was discovered that the man’s wife had been secretly snooping on him by looking through his phone.

Lovely and willing teens on punish tube are about to show you how you should properly bang a girl of your life.

They want to dance but they also want to fuck - petiteballerinas fucked porn.

I think this is brilliant idea of having sexual fun with pornstars you crave for in porn clips - povd clips.

So, see the ex gf and tell me what you think? It's awesome, right? So real!

Didn't that old man know that he was 43 times more likely to end up shooting himself by having that gun in the house? Didn't he know that his personal safety is the job of the police and not of private citizens? Doesn't he realize that by keeping a loaded firearm he's just contributing to the culture of violence?

Good for him.

Posted by: Lee on Nov 27, 03 | 12:20 pm | Profile (5) comments | Permalink

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Fisking Miller
Author: Lee
This morning I posted some hate mail from a left wing dunce named Chris Miller. Not content to simply accept the fact he is an idiot, he wrote me three emails during the day. Normally I just ignore people like this, but the little tyke just put so much effort into it I figured, what the hell.
1. I'm glad to see you were a big enough man to actually respond to anything I wrote in my email. Oh wait you didn't say a damn thing. How about using some evidence to argue against what I said instead of running from the truth. Don't you have anything to say for yourself?

I hope I'm not the only one who notices the irony here. Chris, I write two blogs. There are hundreds of posts here on MOOREWATCH, and thousands of posts on Right-Thinking. I have plenty to say, and it's quite easy for you to go to either of my blogs and find out just what I have to say on pretty much any subject you can think of. All the evidence to refute the points in your original email is located right here on this blog. There's a search engine right there on the front page, knock yourself out.
2. You claim anyone with an 8th grade education and google can refute my
arguments well go ahead. Point me in the right direction.

MOOREWATCH.com is a great place to start.
3. Here some facts about gun violence for you to post verbatim on your website.

Gun Violence Statistics

I'm not going to post them here for two reasons. Firstly, they take up a lot of space, and secondly, you simply cut and pasted them from another website. The original can be found here. The fact that you can't make an original argument, and merely regurgitate the facts presented by others, shows that you have no grasp at all of the subject matter. No wonder you accept as gospel every lie propagated by Michael Moore.

The main thrust of the statistics you quote is that in areas with more guns there are more suicides by gun. My response? So fucking what. I'd be willing to bet that in areas with higher rates of automobile ownership there are higher rates of drunk driving. Does it follow then that the cause of drunk driving is automobile ownership? Is the solution to high incidences of drunk driving to regulate the sale of cars?

Okay, I'm in the mood for a good fisking. Let's take a look at your email from this morning.

Posted by: Lee on Nov 25, 03 | 10:06 pm | Profile (69) comments | Permalink

Hate Mail
Author: Lee
And the Dumbass Email of the Day Award goes to...
Chris Miller:

I'm writing in response to some comments I saw you post on your website MooreWatch.com. In your posting titled "Columbine Secrets" you say "And he[Moore] definitely doesn't want to see fewer school shootings, because then he wouldn't have fresh victims to prostitute for his own monetary gain." What kind of sick person are you. Moore made the movie Bowling for Columbine in order to stop violence in this country including the sad instances of school shootings. The fact that you would claim that anyone would be a proponent of violence for monetary gain is sickening. The fact of the matter is we do live in a society that is based around fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of minorities, fear of terrorists who may live next door to you so you better not trust anyone other than Big Brother who will protect you. I'm not speaking out against gun ownership either. I personally don't own a gun or ever will, but does that mean others shouldn't do it legally? No. However, you can't ignore the facts that people who have
guns in there homes are more likely to commit suicide or violence against someone they know. Anyway, I've ventured from my original point. If you really want to talk about someone using violence for capital gain then why don't you write about our own president. To this date roughly 400 troops have died in armed conflict in Iraq. They're dying off in order to protect George/Dick's oil interests. The fact is Saddam Hussein however bad he was, did not conspire with Osamma bin Laden or Al Qaida. His secular government in Iraq was against everything bin Laden believed in. In fact bin Laden spoke out against Hussein as well calling him an infidel . Or what about Bush's relation to the Saudi royal family. A connection he keeps with an extremely oppressive regime also for his own oil interests. He is more likely to these murderers and dictators more then Michael Moore is, and has done so for years. That however, is an issue I have with something else you wrote and will address that at another time. I think you need to take a moment at look at the facts that are out there before you claim someone is trying to make money off of people dying because they made a movie speaking out AGAINST gun violence.

What is so sad is that this Miller guy actually, honestly, believes this crap. Seriously, anyone with an 8th grade education and access to Google can refute every point raised here. This total lack of any critical thinking skills is what people like Michael Moore count on to sell his drivel.
Posted by: Lee on Nov 25, 03 | 1:33 pm | Profile (21) comments | Permalink

Friday, November 21, 2003
Columbine Secrets
Author: Lee
I bet Michael Moore has mixed feelings about this.
Relatives of the students killed at Columbine High School asked that the school district unseal its report on the 1999 massacre.

"We are never going to change the past, but we can change the future," said Randy Brown, who had alerted sheriff's officers to the violent rants of gunman Eric Harris in 1998 after his son was threatened.

Harris and Dylan Klebold killed a dozen students and a teacher before committing suicide.

Brown and others took their request to the school board late Thursday. Board president Jon DeStefano said he will get back to them.

"Locking up information that you have is not benefiting anyone at this point," said Dee Fleming, whose daughter, Kelly, was killed in the Columbine library.

The report was compiled for school district attorneys as they prepared for lawsuits. The parents say the details could help prevent another tragedy by shedding light on any warning signs that were missed or ignored.

School district attorneys have refused to release the 200-page report, saying it is covered by the attorney-client privilege exception in state open-records laws.

He's probably just as interested in seeing this report as anyone else would, but it could backfire. It might dispute his claim that the killers went bowling the morning of the attack. It might point the blame at (gasp!) incompetent teachers and school administrators, or even (gasp!) the parents of the two boys, rather than at the NRA, gun manufacturers, Lockheed/Martin, the "culture of violence," the Kosovo bombings, or whatever other nebulous boogeyman at which Moore feels like pointing fingers. And he definitely doesn't want to see fewer school shootings, because then he wouldn't have fresh victims to prostitute for his own monetary gain.

Posted by: Lee on Nov 21, 03 | 1:20 pm | Profile (169) comments | Permalink

Thursday, November 20, 2003
Quote of the Day
Author: Lee
From John Derbyshire:
Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.

Actually, Derb, the Western liberal doesn't even have to be all that well-heeled.
The worst that could be said is that, in Cuba, you were in jeopardy of receiving free health care whenever you needed it, an excellent education in one of the few countries that has 100% literacy, and a better chance of your baby sister being born and making it to her first birthday than if she had been born in Washington, DC.

-- Michael Moore, 3/31/00, A Letter of Apology to Elian Gonzales

You'll never find a bigger apologist for terrorists, thugs, dictators, and mass murderers than Michael Moore. (Well, maybe Jimmy Carter.)

Posted by: Lee on Nov 20, 03 | 2:34 pm | Profile (10) comments | Permalink

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
When Moore Is Less
Author: Lee
The following article originally appeared in The Guardian.
When Moore is less
by David Aaronovitch

Wednesday November 19, 2003

Here's a paradox. In the Independent last Friday, Paul Taylor was writing about a recent renaissance in political theatre, both here and in America. He had recently been on Broadway for a performance of Arthur Miller's witch-hunt play, The Crucible. Many present, Taylor said, had watched through tears because the play "had clearly spoken with a piercing directness to that audience as the United Sates enters yet another period where dissent is seen as synonymous with 'unpatriotic' ".

At the same time, the writer and TV personality Michael Moore was celebrating yet another tremendous success. Whereas his previous book, Stupid White Men, had taken a year to sell a million copies in the US, his new offering, Dude, Where's My Country?, had, he told his fans, sold the same number in just three weeks.

It just showed, said Moore, "the level of concern/frustration/anger in the country right now over what the Bush administration is up to". What it did not, however, seem to show was an America "where dissent is seen as synonymous with 'unpatriotic' ". Far from it.

But this idea of being under siege is an important part of the radical's self-image in 2003. And Moore knows how to work the image, even claiming recently that the new book was strictly embargoed by his publisher because it was going "to upset" so many people. My guess is that it was done in order to maximise impact and sales.

Impact and sales there have been, despite the fact that Moore is surely one of the most overrated writers in the world. His early anti-corporate stuff was fun and fresh, but as he has become more famous so his writing has become sloppy, tired and conventional. Essentially, he has transformed into a leftwing version of loud-mouthed ultra-conservative shock-jocks such as Rush Limbaugh or Anne Coulter.

Posted by: Lee on Nov 19, 03 | 11:38 pm | Profile (42) comments | Permalink

Moore in Der Fuhrerville
Author: JimK
No doubt about it, I've been wrong about Michael Moore. He's perfectly sane and rational.

Michael Moore was greeted by cheering crowds in Germany where he told one audience “What Bush is doing now is similar to what Hitler was doing in his early days,”

Holy crap. This freaking guy needs to be on the receiving end of a good ass-kicking. No wonder he won't make a move without hiring black men to act as his own private "Operation Get Behind The Darkie."

Hey Mikey, wanna know the number one reason Bush could never pull off what Hitler pulled off, you fucking moron?


OK, it's official, Moore pissed me off. I need to take two deep breaths and count the number of inaccuracies in Bowling For Columbine to calm down. I should be done by next Friday.

P.S. - On that same page, there's a story suggesting Britney Spears is being pursued by Playboy.

Agnostic atheism aside, I always knew there was a God. ;)
Posted by: JimK on Nov 19, 03 | 6:40 am | Profile (47) comments | Permalink

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Moore in Deutschland
Author: Lee
The following article was originally published at NewsMax.com.
Now Playing: Moore in Deutschland

Multi-millionaire Michael Moore, described by the Wall Street Journal as "a sloppily dressed bearded type wearing a baseball cap" and clad in jeans, an untucked shirt and brown jacket, showed up in Germany to peddle his new book "Dude, Where's My Country?" and explain to the German people what an awful country America has become.

"There should be a rule," he told an overflow crowd, "that you're not allowed to bomb another country unless you can find it on the map," a point he emphasized by noting a National Geographic study that showed that 70 percent of us ignorant war-mongering Americans couldn't find England on a map.

And just to be sure that his Berlin audience understood that he really is as rabidly anti-American as many of them are, he told them "And please, stop this God bless America stuff."

Speaking at Columbia Halle, normally a site of raucous rock concerts, he began with the greeting "Welcome, old Europe!" mocking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's scornful description of such rapidly decaying anti-war European nations as France and Germany.

And that was just the beginning. "It has not been the easiest year in America to stand up and voice your dissent," he said, playing the martyr. "It makes a lot of difference to have friends overseas supporting me."

According to Germany's DW-World, Moore spent the next hour bashing Americans in a manner that would have made the Dixie Chicks proud. "Don't be like us. You've got to stand up, right? You've got to be brave," he told his admiring audience.

The paper noted that nowhere has Moore's brand of anti-American rhetoric been more successful than in Germany. Moore's book "Stupid White Men" sold 1 million copies in Germany before it did in the United States, it said, adding that "Bowling for Columbine" drew in half a million fans in the first two months after opening last year.

Gushed Tarek Ahmia, 37, a music technician, "I think Germany is sick of the whole Iraq war thing, and they're starting to see they were right," she told DW-World after the show, "and finally an American comes along and confirms that."

But not everybody has fallen for Moore's bombast. The German publication notes: "Moore's alleged creative handling of the facts in his books and films, a standard criticism in the United States, is beginning to make its way across the Atlantic.

"German journalists, professors and critics have begun to take off the gloves when talking about the bestseller. Even devoted fans left feeling empty-handed after an appearance they felt was more entertainment than substance."

"I thought it was almost like a kind of cult. He says somebody is crap and everyone cheers," said Max Klemmt, a truck driver. "I thought he would bring a few more examples and a bit more context."

Unfortunately, Herr Klemmt, with Moore all you get is what you see - an overstuffed millionaire making believe he's just an ordinary Joe, dressed like a penniless slob and peddling left-wing snake oil deceptively bottled as the common man's common sense.
Posted by: Lee on Nov 18, 03 | 11:31 pm | Profile (9) comments | Permalink

Getting the Joke
Author: Lee
The following article originally appeared in World on the Web.
They're not kidding
By Max Goss

FEATURE: Three best-selling liberal authors have come up with a clever tactic: Use humor to shield hate, cynicism, and unsupported accusations. Those who object just don't "get the joke"

AL FRANKEN CALLS KARL ROVE "human filth," Ari Fleischer a "chimp," and John Ashcroft "something of a nutcase." Michael Moore calls President Bush a "nitwit" and (in the voice of God, no less) a "devil." Molly Ivins manages to insult millions at once when she approvingly quotes William Brann's crack that "the trouble with our Texas Baptists is that we do not hold them under water long enough." Mean-spirited, you say? No, it's all in good fun, the authors say.

That's their technique: spewing hatred but saying it's funny. Or as Mr. Franken likes to say, "kidding on the square," purporting to tell a joke but really meaning it. Though he might not admit it, Mr. Franken, along with fellow humor writers Molly Ivins and Michael Moore, specializes in kidding on the square. You don't care for their reliance on ad hominem, innuendo, guilt, and distortion? Why, you must have missed the joke. As Mr. Moore once remarked, "How can there be inaccuracy in comedy?"

Posted by: Lee on Nov 18, 03 | 11:14 pm | Profile (11) comments | Permalink

Just How Dumb Are We?
Author: Lee
The following was written by Michael Moynihan, and originally appeared at The Politburo.
Moore Twists the Truth... Again
by Michael Moynihan

During a recent whistle-stop promo tour of England, Michael Moore was asked by a sympathetic Daily Mirror columnist to meditate on that favorite subject of anti-Americans the world over, America’s supposed “intelligence problem”—not, of course, the CIA, NSA kind of intelligence. To the apparent delight of his interlocutor, Moore answered with Il Duce-like subtlety, claiming that “they are possibly the dumbest people on the planet” (note the careful pronoun selection), citing a recentNational Geographic world geography survey as irrefutable evidence of our “ignorance” and "embarrassing stupidity." While the condescending ferocity of Moore’s hatred might mark a new low for Moore(he previously cloaked his contempt for Americans in flaccid humor, like when he told a Canadian audience there is something “charming about our simpleness.”), disparaging the intelligence of his constituents is old hat for the tactically disheveled “populist.” His bestselling anti-Bush philippic Stupid White Men devoted an entire chapter to “proving” that America was indeed an “Idiot Nation.

(Note: Moore even contradicts himself when calling Americans “the dumbest people on the planet.” In a 1996 interview with World Socialist Web, Moore uses his fellow citizens as a convenient cudgel with which to beat corporate America: “I’ve always felt that the American people are not as stupid as Hollywood thinks they are.”)

Moore understands that the American-as-imbecile shtick is far more effective when performed on foreign soil, where, according to press reports, it typically generates fanatic applause. During his engagement at London’s Roundhouse Theater, Moore, in the role of Amerikanshe Kapo, delighted the crowd when he proclaimed that "the dumbest Brit here is smarter than the smartest American,” prompting Variety Magazine’s reviewer to comment that it was “the most egregious sucking up to a British public that I have ever seen.” On his North American tour in support of Dude, Where’s My Country, Moore substituted Canadians for Britons, telling audiences that the “dumbest Canadian” in attendance could surely outwit “the smartest American.”

Again, Moore points to a National Geographic survey to buttress his claim: “They wanted to find out what young adult Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 knew about geography. What they found was that 85 per cent of these Americans could not find Iraq on the map.”

Posted by: Lee on Nov 18, 03 | 10:46 pm | Profile (35) comments | Permalink

Hee Hee.
Author: JimK
Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you today's puerile jab at the man we love to hate, Michael Moore.

Fark.com, famous for it's Photoshop contests, led me to this one today. I doubt it will make the main page, but what the hell, I took a stab at it.

Posted by: JimK on Nov 18, 03 | 11:15 am | Profile (29) comments | Permalink

Reviewing Mikey
Author: Lee
Since there hasn't been a review of Downsize This here at MOOREWATCH, I'm happy to point you to a good one over at epinions.com.
Posted by: Lee on Nov 18, 03 | 2:32 am | Profile (6) comments | Permalink

Mikey at Cambridge
Author: Lee
Our global spies are always there to watch Mike's every move...
As part of his recent book tour Michael Moore visited Cambridge, in England. Here's a live report from someone who was there.
I was present at Michael Moore's appearance at the Cambridge Union (part of his tour of the UK) on Thursday afternoon. He was an hour and twenty minutes late, although mysteriously his security people turned up half an hour before he did (I have been to quite a few debates there and I have never seen a bodyguard accompanying a speaker before, let alone several -- once a Government Minister brought two advisers, but that's it).

When asked during questions from the floor why he had brought security guards with him when he rails against the "lock your doors" culture, he responded, "Why do you assume they're security guards? Because they're black?" I suspect the real reason was these gentlemen's shaven heads and earpieces, not their colour.

Why does Michael Moore need an entourage to come to Cambridge when Government Ministers and other senior politicians do not? Furthermore, why should he make such a flippant response to quite a sensible question on this point? How is it that some of his employees managed to drive down the
motorway from Manchester faster than he did?

Gavin J.
(Undergraduate, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ, United Kingdom)

Mike walks around with security guards because he fears for his own safety. He then claims that any other person who wishes to arm themselves for the same reason as a paranoid gun nut who is subscribing to the "culture of fear," a culture that Mike helps to perpetuate. And as far as his minders being black, let us revisit Mikey's comments on race to get a little perspective.

"Moore went into a rant about how the passengers were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white," Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote in the Jan. 6 Independent. "If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes."

"God save us from such stupid white men," the columnist fumed, referring to Moore's best-selling book Stupid White Men. He added that Moore was promoting the very violence in the black community that is tearing it apart.

Blacks are handy tools for Mike. They exist to protect him, and to be fodder for his propaganda, which in turn makes millions and millions of dollars, none of which gets recycled back into the black communities that Mike loves to whore out so much.

Gavin, thanks so much for your email.
Posted by: Lee on Nov 18, 03 | 2:23 am | Profile (25) comments | Permalink

Monday, November 17, 2003
Mike In Germany
Author: Lee
A German blogger named David Kaspar reports on the media attention Michael Moore is receiving in Germany.
Michael Moore: Americans are Dumb, Germans Educated

ZEIT presented an open letter from Michael Moore to his German admirers ("Greetings to his local fans"). Moore's naive world view, his Bush hate, his playing down the threat posed by Saddam, his admiration of the pacifist appeasement policy of Germany and France - everything mixed together in an anti-American broth just as it is presented everyday in the German media.

"Not all of America is Crazy"

The coalition of the unwilling is forming. In the USA, public opinion is also turning against President Bush

By Michael Moore

Millions of us here in the USA are trying with all our might to prevent the Bush regime from doing even more damage around the globe. For us it is urgently critical that you Germans resist Bush and you should know that we desperately greet any such resistance. ...

I can assure you that not all of America has gone crazy. ... I am writing to you so that you know that I am in no way alone but instead am standing in the middle of a new American majority. Many millions of American citizens think as I do or I think as they do. You just don't hear anything about them, at least not through the press. But they are out there - and their anger is boiling just below the surface. ...

The lot that is currently governing us feels bound by no law. You just have to ask yourself what these crooks are capable of after they already stole the election. This much I can tell you: They have no scruple about destroying everything that stands in their way, especially when they are in the process of making even more money. ...

Should such an ignorant people lead the world? How did it come to this in the first place? 82 percent of us don't even have a passport! Just a handful can speak a language other than English (and we don't even speak that very well.) ...

We approach life relatively openly and generously and without complication. When you ask us for help we come to help you. And when you tell us that donkeys can fly we believe it (when you say it on television.). ...

Ok, come on, you Germans, you really know better! You are well-read. Your media also reports on things south of the Alps. You travel. You value education. And in the past year you took over the moral leadership in the question of war or peace. I urgently ask of you that you show the same moral ability to judge when it comes to maintaining the German social net for those weakest in your country. Don't go the American way when it comes to economics, jobs and services for the poor and immigrants. It is the wrong way."

Michael Moore is an American and it is above all the matter of the Americans themselves to judge his unpatriotic attacks on his own country. Despite that, even from a German point of view it is apparent that the man is driven by a virulent hate of everything that makes America strong. If America followed the ideas of Michael Moore - ideas that reflect in large part those of the German media -, its economic and political power would quickly be broken. The USA would then follow Germany into the desert of economic hopelessness and depression.

Laughable is Moore's statement on "a new American majority" which Michael Moore claims to be standing in the middle of. These Enlightened Americans are at the same time confirmed by Moore to be the world's biggest political backwoods hicks. You have to be called Michael Moore or be a member of the German media not to notice this contradiction...

His recommendation to all Germans to resist the necessary social reforms in their country should be viewed as a guide into the abyss. German employees paying more than half of their income for taxes and social deductions are surely grateful for this piece of unasked-for advice.

BTW: Here's a superb analysis of Moore's manipulations and distortions. And DIVIDEDWEFALL describes how Moore endangers the fight against terrorism.

More about Michael Moore in this blog.

Update: Required reading: "You (and Bush) are likely too dumb for this".

Translation by Raymond Drake.
Posted by: Lee on Nov 17, 03 | 9:01 pm | Profile (72) comments | Permalink

Thursday, November 6, 2003
Moore News from the Road
Author: Lee
Michael Moore has posted a new Mike's Message. Let's take a look.
I'm back home after visiting 39 cities in 23 days on my book tour and I want to thank everyone who came by to see me. It was our biggest tour yet, with five to ten thousand people a night filling basketball arenas and county fair grounds across the country. In many cities there were thousands more of you who couldn't get in (4,000 people pounding on the door in Baltimore was quite a sight!). Next time we do the football stadiums!

Wow, 39 cities in 23 days? That sounds exhausting. Good thing you have the capitalist resources of one of the world's biggest corporations to keep you surrounded with luxury and make that trip all the more palatable.
The book went immediately to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. And it is still at #1 after three weeks! It is also #1 in the L.A. Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and most other lists in the country.

It took one year for "Stupid White Men" to sell a million copies in the United States. It took "Dude, Where's My Country?" just three weeks. That should give you some indication of the level of concern/frustration/anger in the country right now over what the Bush administration is up to.

Yeah, the fact that you've got a huge media conglomerate financing a global media blitz has nothing to do with the sales of the book, does it? You can keep trying to portray your success as part of some grassroots populist movement, Mikey, and the suckers in the cheap seats might buy that crap, but we both know better, don't we?

Posted by: Lee on Nov 06, 03 | 10:57 pm | Profile (186) comments | Permalink

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