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Author: Lee
From John Derbyshire:
Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.

Actually, Derb, the Western liberal doesn't even have to be all that well-heeled.
The worst that could be said is that, in Cuba, you were in jeopardy of receiving free health care whenever you needed it, an excellent education in one of the few countries that has 100% literacy, and a better chance of your baby sister being born and making it to her first birthday than if she had been born in Washington, DC.

-- Michael Moore, 3/31/00, A Letter of Apology to Elian Gonzales

You'll never find a bigger apologist for terrorists, thugs, dictators, and mass murderers than Michael Moore. (Well, maybe Jimmy Carter.)

Posted by: Lee on Nov 20, 03 | 2:34 pm (profile) | PermalinkOriginally posted at Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
Posted by: barry on Nov 20, 03 | 4:09 pm
Jus' roll on 'em 'lections...

Posted by: Toastrider on Nov 20, 03 | 6:41 pm
I dislike Carter less than I do Moore ... mostly because while I think Carter is stupid, he has at least gone out of his way to push things like Habitat for Humanity, which do work fairly well.

He also had the guts to take full responsibility for the failure of the Delta Force rescue attempt.

So, yeah, I'd like to kick Jimmy in the head sometimes... but he's done some things right as well.


Posted by: Darkwing Dork on Nov 20, 03 | 9:24 pm
I don't despise Carter as a person, he just made a pretty lousy President. He should have gotten the Nobel Prize for his Habitat for Humanity work, not that Camp David Peace Accord.

Posted by: Wheels on Nov 20, 03 | 10:37 pm
Some of these guys never fail to astound me with their levels of stupidity.

Posted by: Lee on Nov 21, 03 | 12:13 am
Jimmy shouldn't have gotten the award for anything. He, as a president, did more to destabilize world peace than anyone since WWII. But the Peace Prize has been a real piece of shit for years. Arafat won it, and he's a fucking terrorist. Gorby won it for his "reforms," by which they mean he was defeated by Reagan (a man who will never win the Peace Prize, no matter how much he deserves it.)

Posted by: Wheels on Nov 21, 03 | 2:50 am
I'm not sure Reagan deserves the peace prize, but he sure does if his competition is Moore, Carter and Arafat.

Posted by: jwilliamsii on Nov 21, 03 | 5:08 am
And HERE'S an article as ammunition against those who say that the peace protesters aren't supporters of the terrorists/Saddam...


Posted by: Cigarskunk on Nov 21, 03 | 7:17 am
My favorite footage of peace protestors was the day we finally liberate Iraq and everyone was in the streets tearing down statues of Hussain. There were still some of those worthless human shields hanging around and they were spitting on and verbally harrassing our troops. Some Iraqis ran up to them and took thier "HUMAN SHEILD" sign from them, then scrawled "Human Shields Go home you wankers" (they must have been educated England) and started walking around in front of the hotel the shields were staying in.

Posted by: dwarfmonkey on Nov 25, 03 | 7:46 pm
You know I just went back and read Moore's letter to Elian. It is truly disgusting what Moore does. Moore writes this open letter "to Elian" and tells Elian how sorry he is that everyone is using Elian as a means of furthering their political stance. And what does Moore do in this same exact letter? He uses Elian to further his political stance.

See this is the problem with Moore, how can anyone criticize someone else for using the suffering of an individual for political gain, and then turn around and use that suffering for political gain, and not be called a hypocrite? How can people defend this man? For those who want quotes, here:

You must really miss your daddy! I hear he's coming soon. Those "relatives" are trying to prevent him from being with you. I know, that doesn't feel like love, does it? Please don't take it personally. They do love you. They love having you to toss around in front of the TV cameras so they can further their own political agenda.

You are only six, so I know you can't understand what all of the politics are about. That's okay. Some day, you will. In time, you'll read how these former Cubans, who are abusing you, instead of staying in Cuba and fighting for freedom like our ancestors did for this country in 1776, they turned tail and ran to Miami. Once here, they began demanding that we Americans fight their fight for them.

And you are caught in the middle of all this. I am so sorry. I wish there was something I could personally do. I will write to our Attorney General and tell her to stop this child abuse. I will encourage others to do the same. I wish I could convince our vice-president (who's running for president) to help, but he too has decided to abuse you by using you for his own political gain. The governor of the state you're in, Jeb Bush, is the brother of a man running for president. He wants to use/abuse you, too. I just want you to know that 80% of the country doesn't like either of these men.

I guess that's the silver lining in your little cloud. The majority of Americans are sickened by the way you are being treated. Please understand that bad things are often done in our name and with our money and there is little we can do, as the choices on our ballots are nearly as slim as the choices your father has on his.

It's not easy being six -- anywhere in the world. I know this all too well. My country, the one your mother thought you should be living in, allows its six-year olds access to guns, and a little six-year old girl in my hometown was killed last month by another six-year old. This is the world we adults have created for you. This is the world I promise to do my best, in my own small way, to change.

Yes I cut a part in the middle out, where Moore complains about America's policy in Cuba; I could use it to further the point but I think you can see the hypocrisy in the segments I cut out.

For those ardent Moore supporters who do not get it: Mikhail Moore (Beloved by himself and other left leaning Socialist supporters) complains that Elian's family, then Vice-president Al Gore, and candidate George W. Bush were all using Elian in order to further their political goals. Moore then, about 5 paragraphs down, inserts his comments on our nation being one where 6 year olds have access to weapons, in a letter that was supposed to be to a 6 year old about how sorry he was for being abused and used. What was the point of the comment? It was done in order to further Mikhail's position on gun control, an issue entirely unrelated to Elian, and one that did not need to be entered into the conversation at all. In case you think I'm reading more into it than is really there, go check it yourselves and see, the link is right there attached to the article on top of this page.

This is why sites like this exist, this is why people call Moore a liar and a hypocrite. Because he is one. No this did not prove he is a liar, but I think the evidence of hypocrisy is obvious.

Oh, and yes that was a joke about Moore's name. Childish, perhaps, but then I'm in a good mood, thought it would be worth losing a few points in order to make it clear what I think of Moore's political stance.

Posted by: Wheels on Nov 25, 03 | 7:55 pm
Mikhail Moore... heh, that could catch on. I like it.

Hang on though... if 80% of America hates both Jeb and George W... how come one is a governor, and the other is a President?

Oh, that's right! They rigged the elections, didn't they?


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